Composer Control Software


Windows Desktop
.Net Framework

System requirements:
Windows 7, 8 oder 8.1, 10
Screen Resolution 1024*768 px
1 GB Ram
CPU with at least 1,2 GHz
50 MB free HDD Space
.Net Framework 4.5

Release info:
Version: 2.78.2
Date: 29.06.2020



Apple Store
Google Store
Microsoft Store


Firmware Netcomposer 3.3

USB Driver

Release Info:
Version: 13.1.5
Date: 25.06.2020

For questions or problems , please contact us by email


Online manual for NCR 3.3

Downloadarea Documents

Downloadarea References

Network protocol

The network protocol is freely available. Visit: Netcomposer API


Small tools to detect errors in installations or record log files that can be analyzed afterwards . For these programs there is no warranty . Functions of the individual programs can vary over time. These programs are only for people who know what they are doing , or been helped over the phone or remote maintenance . There is no support for the programs and also no function description.

Diagnostic Tool Setup:Downloadarea Diagnostic Tool
Simple Light Control - SLC: Downloadarea "Simple Light Control" (SLC)